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Sustainable Urban Farmers

That's what we are. Living in the city with a sustainable farming attitude

To share our knowledge, we've designed some FREE classes in the Albert-Eden area for 2014. We look forward to meeting with you to enhance and enrich your local community

Have a look at some of our other courses too - We've had a high level of interest so spaces may fill up quickly!


Keep your eyes on these courses to come!

  • Brewing Beer 
  • Brewing - Fruit Wines 
  • Design Your Own Herb Garden 
  • Design a Native Garden 
  • Design Your Own Orchard 
  • Heritage Crops and Garden Design 
  • How to Keep Your Own Chickens 
  • Introduction to Beekeeping and honey extraction 
  • Jams, Jellies & Syrups 
  • Making Bread 
  • Making Soft Cheese 
  • Planting a Victory Garden 
  • Sausage Making

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