Kai Auckland is a movement for all Aucklanders that offers a cohesive and integrated approach to creating connection and nourishment through food.

The aims of the movement include reducing systemic poverty, child hunger and social isolation, strengthening individual and community food security and increasing opportunities for volunteering within Auckland communities.

Kai Auckland has identified three cogs we believe need to work together  - growing, sharing (access and distribution) and Knowledge

Through community hui five mobilising initiatives have been established to facilitate, enable and organise knowing, growing and sharing across Auckland by 2016: 

A Virtual Hub 

Create a dynamic clearinghouse for the movement for local communities to learn, share and inspire each other to grow and enjoy good food. 

Physical Food Hubs

Enable physical food hubs where members of the community can connect, learn and work together to buy, grow and share food.

Community Gardens

Support community gardens to evolve into knowledge gardens where community members can learn new skills, grow food and cook together. 

Schools & Education

Work within existing environmental programmes, such as Enviro Schools, to grow a food movement at the heart of the food system, in schools.

Fruit Trees

Work with administrators of public and private land and residents to facilitate the purposeful planting of trees on school routes and in common areas.